We are very happy to invite you to the first international conference on microclimate ecology and biogeography, supported by the SoilTemp network, held from the 29th of August till September 1st, 2022 in Antwerp, Belgium. The Microclimate Ecology & Biogeography conference aims to be the first large international conference to put microclimate and its applications in ecology and biogeography on the center stage. We welcome microclimate enthusiasts with a broad variation in terms of spatiotemporal scales (from the centimeter-scale to the entire globe), ecosystems (from the Arctic to the tropics, from the desert to aquatic to marine ecosystems) and organisms (from plants, over mammals and arthropods, to microbes, and any other species). Topics include species distributions, ecosystem functioning, biogeochemistry and applications in agriculture.

The conference hopes to be predominantly an in-person event, held at the Hof Van Liere conference venue from the University of Antwerp, in Antwerp, Belgium, but we will also facilitate remote participation via, among others, online presentations. Note that the poster session will be in-person only.

Important dates:


Second round of abstract submission is open till 15 May 2022.


Confirmation of acceptance of presentations before 15 June 2022.


Registration open as of 29 October 2021.


Registration for speakers before 30 June 2022.


Registration for non-speakers before  22 July 2022.


Submission deadline late-breaking posters: 15 July 2022.

Picture: TOMST TMS4 microclimate sensor by An Van Gijsegem

The ME&B conference is an initiative from Pieter De Frenne (Ghent University), Jonas Lembrechts (University of Antwerp) and Koenraad Van Meerbeek (KULeuven), with the support from the SoilTemp network and the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO).

The scientific committee consists of:

  • Pep Serra-Diaz (AgroParisTech, France)
  • Caroline Greiser (Stockholms Universitet, Sweden)
  • Pieter Vangansbeke (UGent, Belgium)
  • Arndt Hampe (INRAE, France)
  • Tommaso Jucker (University of Bristol, UK)
  • Karen De Pauw (UGent, Belgium)
  • Camille Meeussen (UGent, Belgium)
  • Jonathan Lenoir (Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France)
  • Brett Scheffers (University of Florida, USA)
  • Jonas Lembrechts (UAntwerp, Belgium)
  • Koenraad Van Meerbeek (KULeuven, Belgium)
  • Pieter De Frenne (UGent, Belgium)

With organisational help by:

  • Stijn Van de Vondel (UAntwerpen, Belgium)
  • Pieter Vangansbeke (UGent, Belgium)
  • Emiel De Lombaerde (UGent, Belgium)
  • Johanna Van Passel (KULeuven, Belgium).

The conference is proudly sponsored by TOMST (www.tomst.com).